Work From Museum

Want a change in your Work From Home ambiance?

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Work from museum is a new concept at the Indian Music Experience Museum, where we welcome everyone to come and work from the museum as an alternative to “Work from Home” or “work from a co-working space”.

We believe the space is ideally suited for an inspiring and creative work environment, because it is part of a beautiful and aesthetically designed museum, with greenery and calmness all around. The spaces where you can work are the open-air café, and cubicles if you need an indoor space.

You can take a break to walk around the sound garden or wander through the exhibit galleries, listen to music, view the artworks and musical instruments on display, and recharge your laptop battery for more productive work. It is ideal for creative people – graphic designers, artists, writers, bloggers, etc., and also techies and other professionals.

What do you get?

– You can work at the open- Air café or at office cubicles

– Museum Entry

– We offer high-speed internet connection, free parking, charging stations

– The workstation will be sanitized from time to time

– People, especially from creative fields, will benefit from the museum’s atmosphere

Pass TypePrice Per Person
Daily PassRs 250
Weekly Pass (7 days)Rs 1,250
Bi-weekly Pass(15 days)Rs 2,000
Monthly Pass(30 days)Rs 3,000


  1. The above price is excluding GST
  2. You can work at the open- Air café or at office cubicles and not at the exhibit galleries.

Not included: Food and Beverage, Printer, Stationery, etc.

How to book your slot for Work From Museum?

Buy offline tickets at the box office at IME Museum

Buy online tickets now