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Learning Centre Academic Council

On Wednesday Aug 3, 2022, the IME Learning Centre had the first meeting of its Academic Council meeting, who will be supporting and guiding IME in realising its vision of making the museum a centre of excellence in music education. The council consists of senior artiste from the music and dance fraternity, who will guide IME Learning Centre with their profound knowledge and expertise.
Learning Centre Academic Council Photo

Council members:

Karnatik Vocal : Vidushi Kalavathy Avadhoot
Hindustani Vocal: Pandit Nagaraj Rao Havaldar
Mridangam: Vidwan B C Manjunath
Veena: Dr Suma Sudhindra
Bharatanatyam: Vidwan Satyanarayana Raju
Western Keyboard: Mahendra

We welcome on board the Learning Centre Academic Council members to the family of IME.


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Indian Classical – Vocal

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Karnatik Vocal

Hindustani Vocal

Indian Classical – Instrumental

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Light Music

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Indian Dance

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Western Instrumental

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Talk to us or Write to us and help us understand your level and goals. We will suggest the right course for you. Join our existing courses or we can customize a course based on your specific learning needs.


Click above on the course of interest and complete Enrollment with the fee payment. We will assign a faculty to take you through the course with weekly one-on-one classes.


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What is the age group to start learning?

We admit students 6 years of age and above

What are the genres of music taught at IME ?

  •    Indian Vocal – Karnatik, Hindustani, Light music (Sugama Sangeetha)
  •    Indian Instrumental – Violin, Mridangam, Veena
  •    Indian Dance – Bharatanatyam
  •    Western – Keyboard, Guitar, Drums

Can adults also enrol?

Yes definitely.  Age is never a hurdle to start learning 

Can I have a demo class?

Demo Class videos are available on the website for initial understanding. After that, you can enrol with the help of the Learning Centre coordinator and interact with the teacher for a one-to-one skill test session

How do I pay the fee?

You will be given an enrollment link by the Coordinator. This will take you to the online payment page to complete your enrollment.

If I want to enroll my children into two or more art forms, do I get a discount?

Please get in touch with the coordinator to know more about the offers that we provide occasionally. You can write to

What are the modes of classes?

We have group offline conducted at IME premises and Online one-on-one classes for all art forms.

What are the levels of learning?

There are three levels of learning: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Can I choose a batch?

You can discuss with the coordinator about batch preference.

For how long is one batch in a group class setting?

Each batch lasts for an hour. 

What is the syllabus followed at the Learning Centre?

IME has its own Diploma syllabus with specially designed coursebooks. The Diploma is for a duration of five years, made of ten semesters, each of six months duration.

Are there any exams conducted to assess and guide students in their musical journey?

We conduct assessments at the end of each semester to assess and guide the students. A certificate of semester completion is awarded post successful completion of the semester assessment.

What are the other benefits of enrolling my child to the IME Learning Centre?

  • The child’s musical learning is supplemented by frequent museum visits to reinforce some of the concepts of theory. 
  • The Interactive music museum  provides an immersive engaging learning experience.
  • Apart from this, there are regular cultural events conducted as part of the Museum’s programming. The students of the Learning Centre get to visit these high-quality ticketed events for free, as we believe exposure to such events instills in them the art of appreciation and helps develop listening skills to grow in their musical journey. 
  • There are workshops conducted by International visiting artistes for the students of the learning centre.
  • The students get an opportunity to perform in front of senior and legendary musicians as part of the Annual Showcase event, which builds their confidence to perform in front of a gathering.
  • Exceptionally talented students get to represent IME in cultural competitions outside of the institution.
  • After the completion of the five year diploma, they are encouraged to perform a full-fledged concert in front of a live audience, which is their first step in their performance journey. After this, they are provided opportunities to enroll for advanced learning under senior musicians.


Shruti Bode

Hindustani Vocal

Hindustani Vocal - Narasimha Joshi

Narasimha Joshi

Hindustani Vocal

Karnatik Vocal - Surabhi Ramachandra

Surabhi Ramachandra

Karnatik Vocal

Karnatik Vocal - Ramya


Karnatik Vocal


Karnatik Vocal

Chandramouli Srinivasan


Mridanga - Vidyashankar



Veena- Radhika Shivaram

Radhika Shivaram


Bharatanatyam - Shravani Sairam

Shravani Sairam


Drums - Suraj



Western Keyboard - Sai Kumar

Sai Kumar

Western Keyboard

Western Keyboard - Harish


Western Keyboard

Acoustic Guitar - Mahendra


Acoustic and Electric Guitar


IME holds workshops and seminars on topics that interests musicians, educators and students who would like to further their knowledge in Indian Music.