Are you looking for a unique venue that sets your event apart, providing an unforgettable experience to your guests?

The Indian Music  Experience Museum provides the ideal ambience to elevate any event, with a host of options available for customization. Kick-start your event with a guided tour of the museum for your group. From a special birthday or anniversary, to corporate meetings and offsites, to concerts, seminars and workshops, the IME is an ideal venue to make your event sing! Please contact for more details.


Performance theatre

Located on the ground floor (lobby level) this intimate performance space is ideal for concerts, talks and film screenings.

Key Features

  • Seating capacity – 75.
  • Layout – Elevated stage, moveable audience seating.
  • Amenities – Acoustically treated, projector and screen, sound system, basic lighting, chairs and

Seminar Hall

Tucked away at the basement level of the museum near the administrative area, the seminar hall can host talks, seminars and workshops, while also serving as a rehearsal space for music, dance and theatre groups.

Key Features

  • Seating capacity – 60.
  • Amenities – Chairs, head table, projector and screen, sound system

Terrace Amphitheatre

The terrace amphitheatre can host casual, open air performances while offering a panoramic view of the green vistas of south Bangalore.

Key Features

  • Seating capacity – 100.
  • Amenities – Space for dining, pantry.


The learning centre classrooms provide an intimate space for meetings, breakout sessions and music practice.

Key Features

  • Seating capacity – 15.
  • Amenities – acoustically treated, chairs, floor mats.

Entrance Lobby

Ideal for hosting receptions, wine-and-cheese events and high-profile gatherings post- museum hours.

Key Features

  • Standing capacity – 100.
  • Amenities – attached performance theatre, event can spill over to sound garden area.

Sound Garden

A unique venue for open-air concerts, where the upper level of the sound garden serves as a natural stage, with the audience members seated / standing at the lower level of the sound garden.

Key Features

  • Seating capacity – 300
  • Amenities – Stage platform.

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