Group Tours

The IME offers guided tours by trained staff and passionate volunteers that bring the hidden stories behind the exhibits to life. Walk through the museum with your friends, family members or special interest group members, for a shared experience of the power of music! Guided tour by pre-booking only.

Corporate Offerings

Tired of the same environment at the office for meetings? Looking for a venue that stimulates fresh ideas and inspires conversations, yet offering the comforts of a meeting venue? The IME is the place for you. Kick-start your offsite or team building with a treasure hunt through the museum, host your talks at the seminar hall, and break out into the Learning Centre classrooms for discussion groups or activities. Several options for customization available.

Private Events

The newest and edgiest venue in the city may just be the place to host, brand launch or customer engagement activity. Several spaces of the museum are available after hours for private events. We work with a host of experiences F&B and event partners to provide a complete experience.

Gift Store

Want to take a piece of the museum experience home with you? Inspired by the museum exhibits, the STORE by Foley is stocked with a range of beautifully designed and crafted products, from stationery and knick knacks to lifestyle and apparel products, to a curated selection of music and books. Stop by to find the perfect and unique gift for a loved one, or for yourself.

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