Community Outreach

Community outreach initiatives have always been an important part of IME’s vision and core values. We strongly believe that the museum belongs to the people, and that the staff at IME are caretakers of the space. We therefore measure our success by the extent that the community feels that IME is as much theirs as it is ours.

Ever since we opened our doors, we have conducted community-led projects. We are committed to making IME a safe space where people can feel safe and welcome, right from young children to senior citizens to LGTBQ communities, from people with disabilities to children who have had adverse experiences or disadvantages. We constantly strive to make IME inclusive and accessible to all.

This year (2021-22), we are undertaking two unique initiatives to take this vision further, helping us reach out to a wider community, and create a greater impact with our work:

  1. Project Svaritha
  2. Yuva in Culture

Both projects focus on expanding IME’s reach to more young people, both in terms of career preparedness and job opportunities, and providing younger children with greater access to music, and to the museum space itself.