The Indian Music Experience Museum (IME), Bangalore in partnership with Manchester
Museum, part of The University of Manchester and supported by the British Council, will be
organizing a collaborative cross-cultural music festival. Titled ‘RhythmXChange’, this
collaborative project seeks to explore rhythm as a shared language between East and
West. As part of the year-long program, four young musicians from India and the UK, took
part in a mentorship programme. The four mentors are established musicians and music
producers from India and the UK who guided the young group of musicians to collaborate
and develop a rhythm-based art project, which they named JAVA – The Cadence Collective
(Joash Gill, Aditi B Prahlad, Vinthya Perinpanathan, Ashwin Mandoth). The first phase of
‘RhythmXChange’ will be held at the Indian Music Experience Museum in Bangalore between
25th and 27th November 2022, and on the 26th JAVA will give their debut public
The Festival at IME will include Percussion-themed Museum Walkthroughs, enthralling
performances by young artists from around the world, a rap battle, panel discussions and a
screening of ‘Dollu’, National Award winner for Best Kannada Film.
Speaking about the initiative, Preema John, Museum Director, IME said, “IME has always been
known to create unique events that bring out the best in artistes. Through RhythmXChange
we aim to promote young musicians from India and UK and grow their global networks. Being
a bilateral project and on-site festival, the young musicians have had the opportunity to
discover musical connections between India and the UK and now get to travel to the partner
country to perform and connect with the host communities. I am positive that
RhythmXChange Festival will resonate well with our audiences in Bangalore and will be a
thorough hit. We also look forward to supporting the Festival’s UK leg this coming March in
Manchester. We remain committed to developing many more such programs with the
support of our partners like the British Council that promote opportunities for young
musicians, diversity, and interconnectedness through music.”
RhythmXChange seeks to understand how music traditions interact across borders. While this
unique experience focuses on developing and giving autonomy to young musicians and
growing their global networks, it also aims to create a collaborative cross-cultural artistic

Skinder Hundal MBE, Global Director of Arts at the British Council, said “This collaboration
between the Indian Music Experience Museum and Manchester Museum – showcases Indian
Carnatic music alongside eastern and western percussion traditions to explore rhythm as a
shared language to engage young people and artists beyond borders to improve how we
understand our cultures. The festival will run at Manchester Museum in the UK and the Indian
Music Experience Museum in Bangalore. It is curated by young people and is a fantastic
opportunity for people seeking new experiences. We are excited to support the
RhythmXchange festival through our India/UK Together Season of Culture to celebrate the
power and the fusion of contrasting music traditions.”
The same artists will perform in the second phase that will take place in Manchester Museum
in the UK between 17th and 19th March 2023.

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