Planning Guide
for Co-Ordinators

Planning Guide for Co-ordinators

What does a field trip to a museum mean and why should one go on such a field trip?

Field Trips to museums provide an excellent opportunity for students to observe, analyze, understand the world around them, develop love for history, promote hands-on learning and questioning abilities,student engagement, spark creativity and critical thinking skills from a young age and a skill that remains with them for a lifetime.

What can you expect on a field trip to IME?

A visit to the Indian Music Experience Museum offers an experiential tour which children cherish for a long time. IME educational field trips offer the students and educators:

  • An age-appropriate guided tour of the Sound Garden and Museum Galleries.
  • Special age-appropriate in-school and online workshops on music and culture related topics.

How can teachers play an active role in the field trip?

A prior visit by the teachers to the museum helps in elevating the whole experience for the students, where the teachers can engage with the students better and guide them in depth about topics of interest for students in the museum.

How can museums enhance the learning experience and student engagement while on a field trip?

Museums can serve as an extended classroom for students to practically experience the concepts that they learn in school. Practical reinforcement of concepts, in a fun and interactive manner,  helps students retain information for a long time in their memory. This also reduces the burden on teachers to some extent.

What are the facilities available at IME during a field trip 

  • Designated Classroom/open area space for lunch
  • Washrooms
  • Water filters on every floor of the museum
  • Souvenir (bookmark) given to each student on their visit.
  • Wheel chair, if needed, available on prior request.

    Are there any special exhibitions on display, for which school students get entry as part of educational field trips?

    Every year, IME comes up with a special exhibition, which explores the connection between music and the world around, in various interesting themes and exhibit setup.