Western Keyboard

Keyboard, a pressed musical instrument or an idiophone, is a set of adjacent depressible keys. The instrument is made up of keys for playing the twelve notes of the Western musical scale, with a combination of larger, longer and smaller, shorter keys. This set repeats at the interval of an octave. Even though the layout of the keyboard is simple, it requires skilled hands. The faster the player depresses the key, the louder the note. Co-ordination between both the hands to produce the required musical dynamics demands training. Keyboards are best suited for concertos and operas.

Umesh Ram

Umesh Ram is a Piano/keyboard instructor, music programmer/arranger and western music syllabus content editor. He has been teaching western classical music as well as Indian film songs from past 13 years.



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Jul 17, 2024

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Umesh Ram


Umesh Ram
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