#Weekindies: Learn, Network, Showcase

The Indian Music Experience Museum presents #Weekindies, a day-long un-conference and performance showcase designed to spotlight the city’s vibrant indie music scene in celebration of World Music Day.

#Weekindies will bring together all parts of the indie ecosystem including artists, managers, venue owners, journalists, engineers, and more for a day of knowledge sharing, skill development, networking, and of course music!

Speaker Sessions 
10.00AM A Song to a Single – Jishnu Dasgupta
11.00AM Music and Media – Amit Gurbaxani
3.30PM Talking Money & Contracts – Sandhya Surendran
4.30PM Take Control of your Gigs – Varun Murali
Performance Showcase 
12.15pm Huyana
3.00 pm Nadaani
6.00 pm Emotions and Mother Tongue
6.30 pm Frizzell D’
7.00 pm Loysum

Speaker Sessions

Bass Player and Artist Manager, Swarathma

Jishnu Dasgupta
Bass Player and Artist Manager, Swarathma

A Song to a Single: Understanding the Music Business with a Roadmap to First Release

Great, you have a new song, now what? There is a four part journey that an artist needs to make: Talent > Content > Discoverability > Marketing. Now that you have a song, how do you walk this path? All too often artists go from talent to marketing, or content to marketing, without working on what makes the artist discoverable. In this masterclass at #Weekindies, Jishnu Dasgupta, bass player and artist manager of India’s leading folk rock band Swarathma, will walk you through how to plan your release, common mistakes, good practices, how to measure success, the several moving parts of becoming a musicians including how to manage how to manage the key elements of a gig

– Booking
– Promotion
– Music Distribution

Bass Player and Artist Manager, Swarathma

Amit Gurbaxani
Independent Music Journalist

Music x Media

Amit Gurbaxani is a prolific music journalist who specializes in writing about business trends in the Indian music industry and the workings of its independent scene. Over the last two decades, his work has been published in a variety of Indian and international publications such as Billboard, Firstpost, India Today, Music Ally, Scroll and The Guardian. In this session, Amit will guide music professionals on how best to address and impress the press, from putting together a PR kit to presenting yourself at interviews and picking a plan for social media.

Bass Player and Artist Manager, Swarathma

Sandhya Surendran
Founder and Counsel, Lexic

Talking Money and Contracts

Sandhya Surendran Sandhya Surendran, ace lawyer, with her heart firmly in the indie camp! Apart from championing the cause of awareness on legal rights among indie artists she runs a great podcast on these issues Lex Talks. At Weekindies Sandhya will deepdive into the workings of the music industry from an Indian law perspective. She will share valuable insights on copyrights, royalties, distribution in the digital age, India’s unique music industry and its impact on industry practice, along with a checklist for musicians on the most important things to look out for – in contracts, while collaborating or licensing their work to someone.

Bass Player and Artist Manager, Swarathma

Varun Murali
Founder and Counsel, Lexic

Take Control of your Gig

Performance is like a coin. It has 2 sides, the  glamorous, fun side and the overwhelming side which can  take the life out of your performance if not handled  correctly. Most budding artists struggle with handling the overwhelming tech side of things. Learn from Varun Murali, how with some time investment you can depend less on external factors and take control of your gigs. In this session you will learn

– How to understand your sound better 
– What goes into a tech rider  
– How to use stage plot to build a vibe 
– Following up with sound vendor
– Troubleshooting in case of on stage equipment damance 
– Carrying studio to stage in a better way  
– Communicate better with Engineer  

Performance Showcase Lineup

12.15 pm
Bass Player and Artist Manager, Swarathma

Huyana - Jazz, R&B, Pop

3.00 pm
Bass Player and Artist Manager, Swarathma

Naadaani - Acoustic and Folk Pop

6.00 pm

Emotions and Mother Tongue - Singer Songwriter Duo

6.30 pm
Bass Player and Artist Manager, Swarathma

Frizzell D’Souza - Indie - Acoustic

7.00 pm
Bass Player and Artist Manager, Swarathma

Loysum - Alternative and Funk


Jun 19, 2022


10:00 am - 8:00 pm

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