History Of Sarod Event

History of Sarod


We are pleased to invite you to a lecture demonstration exploring the history of the sarod by Bhargav Mistry on Sat, 24th February at 6.30 PM
The program will reflect on the development of the sarod from its predecessor, the Afghani Rabab, marking a significant journey in the realm of North Indian classical music. Originating from early traders of Afghanistan, the Rabab’s sound, form, and structure initially captivated Indian musicians. However, its inherent staccato nature posed limitations, particularly in executing the glissando, or meend, which is a signature characteristic of North Indian classical music.
In response to this limitation, various musical craftsmen embarked on a journey of experimentation, seeking to retain the wholesome sound of the Rabab while incorporating the ability to perform ‘meend’. This led to the gradual evolution of the sarod, a process characterized by modifications in design and structure aimed at enhancing its musical capabilities.
Additionally, the program will also look into the gharanas, or schools of musical styles, that accompanied the Sarod’s development, each evolving their own playing styles and techniques.
The lecture will be followed by a Sarod recital by Bhargav Mistry who will be accompanied on Tabla by Neeraj Mistry.
Bhargav Mistry, is a design consultant, pedagogist and musician from Udaipur. As a Sarod player, he is known for his music albums and TEDx talk on Design and Music.

24th Feb 2024, 6.30 pm Onwards

IME Perfomance Theatre, Bengaluru



Feb 24, 2024


6:30 pm

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IME Performance Theatre
IME Museum, Brigade Millennium Avenue, JP Nagar 7th phase, Bengaluru – 560078
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