Birds in Textiles – An Illustrated talk by Mr. Radharaman Hari Kothandaraman

Influence of Birds in Textiles

We’re back with another exciting episode of Birds in Culture featuring Radharaman Hari Kothandaraman, Founder, CEO, and Principal Designer at The House of Angadi, who will take on a fascinating journey through the representation and influence of birds in Indian textiles, especially Silks.

‘Birds in Culture’ is brought to you by IME in partnership with Avid Learning and Royal Opera House. It looks at the representation and influence of birds in the arts. The series is part of the larger programming for Birdsong, a new exhibition by the Indian Music Experience Museum that explores the science behind bird vocalizations and the influence of birds in music and culture. 

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Royal Opera House, Mumbai

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Radharaman Hari Kothandaraman founder, CEO and principal designer of Angadi Ventures Pvt. Ltd. 


Jun 26, 2022


11:30 am - 12:30 pm

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