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A Peek Into to The Wonderful World of Birds With Garima Bhatia

Birds are everywhere, in every habitat imaginable, from the highest mountains in the Himalayas to the deserts of Rajasthan. But more importantly they are also present in our cities and around our homes, enriching our lives with their beautiful colours and enchanting songs. The ubiquity of birds is one of the reasons why birdwatching is a popular hobby, enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Even a passing familiarity with the birds around us can bring great joy and wonder into our everyday lives.

As part of the Birdsong exhibition, which explores the science behind bird vocalizations, as well as the influence of birds on music and culture, the Indian Music Experience Museum presents ‘Birds and Cities’- a webinar series that invites us to look at the lives of our avian neighbours and understand how they adapt to or behave in urban spaces.

For the first session birder, photographer and head of Early Bird, Garima Bhatia will introduce us to the wonderful world of birds and open our eyes to the beauty that exists outside our balconies! This audio-visual experience is brought to you in partnership with Early Bird(


Garima Bhatia gave up a career in automotive research to immerse herself in the world of birds. She is passionate about getting children and adults to appreciate nature, and has worked since 2014 for a non-profit initiative aiming to spread the joy and wonder of birds. An avid birdwatcher, she is also a photographer and has co-authored a few popular photographic field guides to the Indian subcontinent. She lives in Bangalore where she enjoys watching birds from her balcony.

Early Bird ( is a non-profit effort to develop content, provide training, and conduct outreach related to promoting bird-related knowledge and awareness among children and young people.


Apr 09, 2022


10:30 am - 11:30 am

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