Field Trip Guide – Pre-Visit

Field Trip Guide – Pre-Visit

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Parking information for school bus, personal vehicle

  • School Bus to be parked outside the museum premises
  • Personal vehicle, LMV can be parked in the basement parking area, provided space availability.

Baggage drop-in counter information

  • Backpacks to be deposited in the Baggage counter behind the box-office counter upon arrival.
  • Lunch bags to be deposited in the designated classroom areas C1 and C2 on the first floor.

What will be done upon entry to premises

  • Children will be given wrist bands to wear on their wrist. If the bands do not fit their wrists, they can keep it in their pockets. This is to distinguish the school children from general visitors
  • Students will be divided into groups of 20 each and assigned one tour guide to take them around.
  • The students are to leave their lunch bags in the designated lunch area before entering the galleries.
  • If the students wish to use the washrooms before starting the tour, the help staff, assigned to each group, are to assist the students.

Structure of field trip

Assembly spaces

  • The students are to assemble in front of the Sound Garden upon entry, from where they will be further divided into groups and taken around
  • They will be further guided to assemble in the Performance Theater (Auditorium within the Lobby area)
  • In the Performance Theatre, the students will have an introductory orientation session, followed by a  guided tour.
  • Each group will start from a different starting point i.e. Sound Garden, Specific galleries of the museum.

Admission rules

Payment guidelines

  • Payment is to be made prior to the tour or latest, on the day of the field trip.
  • Payment Modes: Online payment / Cheque Payment / Pay at the box office counter of the Museum.