Field Trip Guide -Post-Visit

Field Trip Guide -Post-Visit

Post a visit to the Indian Music Experience Museum, we can facilitate in-person workshops for students.
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Field Trip Add-Ons

We offer an age-appropriate  interactive session that can be delivered in-person in the school or online, titled “The World of Musical Instruments – The Science, Stories and Stars”.

The World of Musical Instruments

The Science, Stories and the Stars

Interactive Session

Human beings, like our feathered brethren, are a musical species.
We use sound not only as a means of communication, but to create beauty as an end in itself.
The creative power of the human spirit is best exemplified in the world of musical instruments, which lies at the intersection of art and science.

In this session the curatorial team of the Indian Music Experience Museum explores three distinct facets of musical instruments: the science of sound production
and the classification of musical instruments; the stories of how instruments have evolved over time in response to a variety of factors; a case study and live demonstration on instrument innovation; and the special relationship that stalwarts of music share with their instruments.
The presentation gives insight into some of the most unique objects at the IME, including the installations from the Sound Garden, the collection at the Instruments Gallery, and the precious artifacts from the Hall of Fame.

This session can be delivered online or in-school (onsite).

About the Indian Music Experience Museum
The Indian Music Experience Museum (IME) is India’s first interactive music museum. Located in JP Nagar, Bengaluru, the IME is a non-profit initiative of the Indian Music Experience Trust, supported by the Brigade Group. The vision of the IME is to introduce the youth to the diversity of Indian music and to preserve India’s rich musical heritage. The IME comprises a hi-tech Exhibit Area, a Sound Garden, a Learning Centre for music education, and
several performance spaces. The IME’s work spans across Exhibition, Conservation, Audience Development, Education and Community Outreach. Besides museum visits, the IME hosts a wide variety of public programs. The IME’s online activities include regular events on its Facebook page, an online exhibit on the Google Arts and Culture platform, and the curation of,a digital archive on violin maestro Mysore T. Chowdiah.

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