Field Trip Guide -During the Visit

Field Trip Guide -During the Visit

1. How to explore the museum together?

  • Each group of 20 students will be assigned a tour guide. The groups will start from different starting points of the museum (i.e Sound Garden, Museum Galleries) to have their own tour experience without intersecting other groups at any point in time.
  • The tour will end with an age-appropriate cultural activity like guided-instrument making session, or interactive rhythmic and musical exercises and games.
  • The Tour guide for the group will guide the students about the highlights of each gallery, explain about the best way to engage with the interactives and also at the end, help the students with the cultural activity.


Facilities at the premises

  • Washrooms location

     a. Separate washrooms for boys and girls are on the ground floor area ( adjacent to Sound Garden)

     b. Every floor of the museum has separate washrooms as well.

  • Children are to have lunch only in the designated lunch areas to avoid causing a problem to general museum visitors. Classrooms C1 and C2 or the outdoor area behind the cafe can be used for lunch. The students will be seated on the floor in groups to have lunch.