What is the process to book a field trip to IME?

Please fill in the booking form  to schedule your visit

What are the field trip add-ons?

Age-appropriate inspirational workshops on music and Indian culture.

Do you facilitate any workshops for schools? 

 Yes. We facilitate in-person and online workshops. 

What can we see on the field trip?

 The students will get to feel, experience and soak  in the magic of music through exhibit panels, interactives and musical activities. The field trip will consist of an age-appropriate guided interactive tour of the Sound Garden and various galleries of the museum.

How early should I book the field trip?

It is advisable to book your field trip at least 2-3 weeks in advance as slots get filled up quickly.

Are Government schools allowed to visit IME on field trips? If yes, what are the entry charges?

We welcome Government school children and teachers to visit IME and experience the magic of music. Entry is free for students and accompanying teachers.
Please note: Upto 60 students, we can provide a volunteer-guided walk-through of the museum. If more than 60 students visit at a time, they will have to explore the space on their own, without a guided walk-through.
Please write to us at education@indianmusicexperience.org to book your visit to the museum. 

Can my school visit on the weekend?

Educational field trips for schools are fixed for weekdays on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

How many students can I bring on the field trip?

We can accommodate a maximum of 60 students each day.

How many teachers and help staff can accompany the children for the field visit?

  • For students of Grade 1-5, it is advisable for 4 teachers and 4 help staff to accompany.
  • For students of Grade 6-10, it is recommended for 4 teachers and 4 help staff at least to accompany on the visit.
  • For kindergarten groups of 60 in number, we would advise at least 8 teachers and 4 help staff to be around with them.

Will the students be assigned volunteers or tour guides to take them around?

Yes, the large group of students will be  further divided into smaller groups with 20 children in each group and one tour guide will be assigned per group. (1 tour guide: 20 students). 

Kindergarten: Each group of 20 students will be accompanied by 2 teachers and 1 help staff

Grade 1-5: Each group of 20 students will be accompanied by 1 teacher and 1 help staff

Grade 6-10: Each group of 20 students will be accompanied by 1 teacher and 1 help staff

Are there resources available to help the students prepare for the field trip?

Yes, we do have a pre-visit manual that can be shared with the students and parents to give them an idea of what to expect in their upcoming field trip.

Where can the students have lunch?

The students can have lunch in the designated areas for lunch i.e. C1 and C2 classrooms, on the first floor. On arrival at the museum, the students can first leave their lunch bags in this area and then come back after the tour to have lunch in the classroom area.

What is allowed inside the museum?

Only a small book and a pencil is allowed to be carried inside the museum galleries.

What is not allowed inside the museum?

Water bottles, backpacks, pens and sharp, pointed stationary are not allowed as they might damage the exhibit panels and artifacts.

Do you provide transportation for field trips?

Yes, we can arrange transportation at an additional cost and prior booking.

Do you provide lunch for field trips?

Yes, we can arrange lunch in takeaway boxes at an  additional cost and prior booking for the same.

What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule my trip?

Please find an open slot on the booking calendar to reschedule. Also please drop a mail to education@indianmusicexperience.org about the same.

What other educational offerings does IME provide to schools?

IME offers in-person music classes at school, and engagement through weekly workshops(hybrid mode). Please write to education@indianmusicexperience.org for more information.

Can I volunteer to conduct field trips for school children?

 Yes, we welcome you to sign up for the volunteer programme to support us with the educational field trip programme. You will be trained extensively on various aspects such as age-appropriate content delivery, presentation skills, skills to conduct age-appropriate activities for children on field trips.

What are the charges for the field trip for various age-groups?

For Kindergarten to Grade 3 – Rs 100 per head
For Grade 4 and above – Rs 200 per head

The same charges are applicable to the accompanying teachers as well (as per the age-groups they accompany). Help staff are given free entry

Where is the Indian Music Experience Museum located?

The Indian Music Experience Museum is located in South Bangalore.

Brigade Millennium Avenue,

JP Nagar 7th phase,


Karnataka 560078