Recently, in collaboration with the British Council, IME has taken the initiative to form India’s first Youth Advisory Board (YAB). The Board comprises 17 members between the ages of 14 and 18. It was formed as an initiative to try and bring more youth voices to the music, and to make it more youth-centric.

In our very first meeting as the YAB, we elected a president, vice president, secretary, and the leads of two main teams – media and communications, and events and programming. These teams indicate the areas that we are going to be advising IME on. Being of the age group that IME hopes to target, we have a rare insight into the expectations of our generation. Being a part of the YAB has given all 17 of us an incredible opportunity, to learn about the inner workings of places like IME, and to learn how to channel our interests in the arts, museums or music into a career.

In our subsequent meetings, we tackled various tasks and solved problems relating to the engagement of youth with the IME, from making and sending out surveys to our peer group, to planning our own event. Our experience as members of the YAB has been thus far, and is sure to continue being, brilliant and filled with learning.