Music has a very strong and powerful impact on our mind and mood. It engages the mind, which is a manifestation of our emotion, imagery, memory, attention, learning, pattern perception, motor control and much more.

One of the only activities that make the entire brain functional is music. Indulging in music composition, improvisation and learning, demands coordination and involvement of several brain areas. A musician requires a higher cognitive function to keep several features in mind such as pitch, rhythm, timbre, attention, fluency, working memory and emotion. Thus, musicians can process multiple things at once.

Music cognition studies have shown the fascinating ways in which music affects our mood and mind.

Music affects our brain chemistry by releasing neurotransmitter dopamine, which is responsible for making us feel pleasant. Music tends to resonate with us while also giving us chills & goosebumps. Whether we are in a sad or good mood, music is our best company. Sad music helps one relate to times, and joyful music adds an extra bounce to our happiness. Moreover, music improves non-verbal reasoning, fine motor skills, auditory discrimination and vocabulary, making us smarter human beings.


Dr.Adity Gudi