The IME will provide the visitor an insight into music that goes beyond the technical, and connects music with various facets of life and the environment, in a way that is uniquely Indian.

Exhibit Galleries
Thematic Galleries - The IME exhibit area features eight thematic galleries that explore the multidimensional narrative of Indian music. Focusing on themes such as Diversity, International Influences, History of Recording and several others, it provides the visitor an experience of music like no other
Instruments Gallery - A significant component of the exhibit will be the instruments gallery, which will house 250 Indian instruments, along with kiosks that detail the material, sound, manufacture and performance of these instruments
Interactive installations - Another special feature of the exhibits will be interactive computer-based installations which will allow the visitor to engage in various activities such as creating a piece of music, recording one’s own voice etc.
Sound Garden
The Park outside the IME building will feature installations such as wind chimes, tubular bells, gongs, reeds, etc. made of wood, steel and similar materials, which introduce visitors to the principles of sound.
Learning Centre

The IME will also house classrooms, a seminar hall and a library. The Learning Centre will have both regular music lessons, as well as seminars, workshops and music appreciation courses. In addition the Learning Centre is launching a unique outreach program in schools across Bangalore, providing curriculum-based music awareness and education to school students.