A committed group of professionals is working passionately on this project in order to create a narrative for the IME that is compelling, authentic and comprehensive.

This unique centre aims to encourage a rediscovery of various genres of Indian music, from the traditional to the contemporary, to create a deeper bond with music.

The Architect
Architecture Paradigm Pvt Ltd was founded in the year 1996 by Architects Manoj Ladhad, Sandeep J & Vimal Jain, and believes that its strength lies in the quality of its people. The studio is about exploring ideas and has significant experience in design and project execution of residential, institutional, commercial, industrial and public buildings to its credit. Over the years, their work has been recognized both at national and international platforms.

The Museum Designer
Gallagher & Associates is one of the leading professional designs firms in the United States. The firm's work spans both permanent and temporary visitor experiences and exhibits for public and private sector entertainment venues, museums and visitor centers. Gallagher & Associates worked with the Recording Academy to create the Grammy Museum - a 30,000 square foot museum dedicated to the history, art and technology of recorded music.

Branding & Merchandise
Foley Designs is an independent studio that aims to deliver influential experiences. A specialist in product, space, packaging, identity and strategic design, this design studio integrates world class design skills with freshness of thought and ideas. Foley Designs will design the products for the IME gift store, signage for the IME, as well as the overall image and branding.

Sound Garden Designer
Svaram Musical Instruments and Research has been in existence since 2003 at the International Community Project of Auroville near Pondicherry under the direction of Austrain A.C.Hammer.T. Working with the IME team on the Sound Garden, they will create educative learning stations, interactive sound-installations of tubular bells, plate gongs, singing stones, xylophones, and many more features that will allow the visitor a direct encounter with the basic principles of sound and music.